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2008 Honda Odyssey has constant front-end suspension noise

Have constant front end suspension noise of some kind since I’ve owned the vehicle. Have replaced struts, brake caliper pins, sway bar links and bushings, control arms. The brake caliper pins got rid of the most noise. So also did a lot of work of making sure the engine splash shield was not rattling by putting in new push pins and using zip ties. I still can’t get rid of noise that comes from hitting small bumps/rough road at highway speeds. I hear rattling that sounds like something is seriously loose. It sounds like it is in the suspension area but I have thoroughly checked everything including where suspension is bolted to frame. The rattling may be in the wheel well or under the dash but I can never pin it down. I feel like I’m driving a lumber wagon.

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Does it sound like a lumber wagon?

When you replaced struts, did you re use the old strut mounts or replace the entire strut spring and mount assembly with a quick strut?

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I replaced the struts with a quick strut and they were defective. So I replaced them with warranty replacements. They were also defective. The problem was always with the strut mounts, so rather than sending them back again and having the same problem yet again, I got different strut mounts and reassembled the struts with the new mounts. At one point I got tired of the rattling and ordered some new quick struts thinking that they would perhaps get rid of the rattling problem, but they didn’t and had their own issues (again with the strut mounts), two sets. So I went back to the old set of struts with the replaced strut mounts. There has been some popping that was due to the strut bolt not staying tight, but I tightened it and put lock tite on it. When going over significant bumps I hear nothing. Speed bumps, nothing. Nothing when turning corners. But when you are on little choppy stuff at a good rate of speed it sounds like there is metal on metal somewhere. It doesn’t seem to ever get worse and I have just wondered if this vehicle just has an intolerably loud suspension.

Ok, the lumber wagon is now metal on metal, is that what the car sounds like? If you want help you need to be specific and very descriptive about the noise. I can’t hear it over the internet so I am relying totally on your description.

So what is it… tink tink metal on metal sound over small ripples? Or tap tap or clank clank? Both sides? Or is it the sound of blocks of wood rattling?

Given how much money and effort you’ve applied to this problem with no resolution… maybe it is time for a pro with a mechanic’s ear tool to chase it down.


I also did struts twice. Once for struts alone and then I replaced mounts. Noise is gone. You circled back to old struts and new mounts? Why? Jeez, you could have bought new Honda struts at dealer.
If your strut rod nut is coming loose, you have a problem.