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Suspension "Boing-ing" Noises

Front suspension makes a noise that is best described as a spring that gets stuck, then lets go (“boing”). This is happening on either side and seems to mainly occur coming out of turns and even out of a curve. I sometimes hear it after a bump as well. The vehicle has 114k miles and I replaced the shocks about 5k miles ago.

What Is The Model-Year Of This Year “Vehicle” And What Is The Make And Model ?

When talking front suspension it is helpful to know what type of suspension (including springs and “shocks”) the vehicle has.


Have the anti-sway bar bushings and end links checked. I don’t know the make, model, and year of you ride, but I had to replace the end links on my 2000 Ford Explorer recently due to bushings that were worn and missing. I even had the sway bar bushing on my Celica go bad and cause a knock just last fall. Luckily, these are cheap and easy to fix on most models.

BTW, the anti-sway bar does it’s job best when you go through turns and curves.

Also, depending upon the make, model, and age of this mystery vehicle, the strut bearings could be the culprit.

Since we have no clue what kind of vehicle it is, we don’t even know if it HAS struts!

My friend, we need more information. An '89 F150 presents some different possibilities than a 2005 Accord.

My '96 Maxima makes the same noise, and I recently determined that it’s an upper strut bearing that doesn’t turn as freely as it should. This is when you turn the steering wheel, correct?

My bad on the vehicle type. New to the site; I added car info to my profile but forgot on the post! 1998 Ford Ranger, V6, XLT extended cab.