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Front End Shake

Ijust bought an 02 DeVille and had some vibration in the front end, so I put two new Michelins on the front and rebalanced and left 2 Coopers (almost new) on the rear. That eliminated most of the shaking.What else should I look for?

Other possibilities are bad ball joints and/or bad tie rod ends. It might be a good idea to have the condition of the struts checked also.

Incidentally, even though those Coopers on the back are “almost new”, the fact remains that the best tires are supposed to be mounted on the rear according to all major tire companies. Let us know if you want the explanation for this procedure.

You might have them recheck the balance and also check the alignment.

Thx for the comment. I was planning to move the MIchelins to the rear.I never had a front wheel drive before so I was curious if the independent suspension in the rear could cause vibrations that seem to be coming from the front?