1995 bmw 740il vibrations


my local shop changed my front control arm and bushings on both sides and the car because when slowing down and braking at about 40-42 it starts to shake in the front and then below that speed stops So the shop changed the rotors…it still happens and they can’t figure out why. Any thoughts?



If they have completely checked the front suspension, what about tires? I would probably try rotating then front to back (are they the same size?) just to see what happens. That would rule out any issues with tire balance or an out of round tire. Thats probably a long shot, but it’s free.


Loose wheel bearing(s) or worn tie rods or tie rod ends can do it.


True, I would assume they would have checked the tie rod ends first. Wouldn’t they have to repack the front wheel bearings to replace the rotors on this car?