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Tire Balance issue?

I have new tires on my car and they were balanced when I bought them. I have driven less than 3000 miles and I have can hear a slight road noise in them only when I roll down the windows. There is no wheel shimmy or seat or pedal vibration.Before I replaced the tires I had the same sound but much louder and the vibration would be seen in the rear window. The tires were worn significantly so I replaced them. Could I have a sticking caliper problem or a worn motor mount? I have studied all the posts and I am stumped? Could it be a u-joint or the torque converter? Any thoughts gentlemen? Thanking u in advance.

Have an experience tyre person check your car. They may find un-even tyre wear on one or more tyres. The guys at the chains and quick oil change places are not generally qualified, i in fact they are not often qualified to change oil.