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Front end noise when in drive, but goes away when not moving

We have a 2006 Uplander and all of a sudden when we started it there is a noise and it is also present when the car is in neutral. When it is in gear and not moving there is no noise, but when we accelerate you can hear it. The noise seems to be coming from the front drivers side and it goes away after about 25mph. Any ideas???

Can you describe the noise?

It sounds like a loud spinning noise. Not a thump, not a squeak, it is a “ra ra ra ra ra ra” noise. It is pretty high pitched.

You need a brake job. The sound is most likely the brake pad warning squeal. These brakes should have a squeal clip to warn you the pad are almost gone. They tend to squeal loud and can vary in intensity and rhythm depending on wear patterns. They are designed to contact the brake rotor when the pad wears down to a dangerous level. The biggest benefit is they warn you before the pad is completely gone, and you then get metal-to-metal grinding of the brakes.

I know the sound you are referring to but this seems different. It makes this sound when we are not even moving. As soon as we start it up we hear the loud annoying noise, do you have any other ideas?

That is not what you said earlier. Read the original post. “When it is in gear and not moving there is no noise, but when we accelerate you can hear it.” So, with this new info, maybe it is a belt squeal, which will happen with a worn belt or weak tensioner. Either way, brakes or belt, get a mechanic to look at it.

Sorry and thanks. It is strange because when we start it…noise. When it is moving we hear it until about 25mph but then when we stop at a stop light it stops. Then as soon as we start moving again it is there. We shift it into neutral…noise. So I guess the only time we don’t hear it is when it is in gear and we are stopped.