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Wheel noise

I am having this issue with my brakes…maybe. I get this high-pitched squealing noise, but I know I am pretty sure its not the brake pads. The noise starts at any given time while driving. The noise speeds up/slows down with the speed of the car, and when I come to a complete stop, I no longer hear the noise. I am pretty sure its not the engine/transmission because when I am coming to a stop light and shift the car from 3rd to neutral, the noise continues until I stop completely. I can almost pinpoint the noise to the LF wheel. Also, I recently had to put the spare tire on the LF for a few days. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

I would still take off the wheel and check the pads. here is a little piece of metal that rubs against the rotors when the brake pad material is worn past a certain point. It usually will not squeal when you apply the brakes. Before you rule it our because you are pretty sure, you should actually put your hands on it and take a look. Pads are easy to check and cheap and easy to fix.

Ok, someone actually checked the brake pads at a local brake shop. They told me they were in great shape, and for a car with 27K+ miles, there shouldnt be any problems with the brake pads.