Front end noise -96 Accord

I have a 96 Accord wagon and I am getting a clicking noise from the drivers side front end when turning and while giving it some gas. When gliding there is never any noise. The noise is only noticeable between 10 and 20 mph. It is mostly on left turns but occasionally happens on right turns. I jacked up the front end and looked around. Everything seems tight, tie rods ball joints, linkages etc. There is some play in the passengers side half shaft were it enters the transaxle, but I have seen much worse on good working cars. I am leaning towards a half shaft problem but before I do anything else I am hoping to get someone with lots of Honda experience to share their opinions.

Possible worn cv-joint.

Is there any lost motion in either halfshaft itself? It will usually have a bit of play inside the transmission/differential. That’s not the halfshaft, but I’m pretty sure one of the shafts is your problem.

Today we had a nicer day than usual for this time of year. Sunny and about 40. So I went out and pulled the front tires and looked thouroghly at the half shafts. They are most deffinately the problem. Both boots are broken and there is lost motion on both. If it were spring time I would attempt it myself but I won’t be prey to the elements. I am estimating about $250 per side at a shop. Does this sound about right to anyone who has has this work done recently?

That sounds a bit high for new drive axles, but it’s a complicated job on an Accord.