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Clicking noise from front left wheel while running in reverse?

I have a 98 Honda Accord that is making “clicking” noise when the car is running in Reverse gear? My local SEARS shop inspected it and said the noise is from Left Half Shaft, what is “Hlaf Shaft”?

The car 2 front struts/mounts/strut boots were recently repaired, about 800 miles before the clicking noise appears, any possibility the repair work was not done right to cause this clicking problem?

Thanks in advance

I have never like the term “half shaft” it implies that there is a “full shaft” somewhere (perhaps that comes at the counter where you pay).

Your car and many others use constant velocity joints (another term that needs defining). Basicaly the half shafts have constant velocity joints at either end (one shaft for each side of the car) And they connect the output from the differential (or transmission) to the wheels. They allow not only for power transfer but turning and up and down movement of the drive wheels.

My idea of why constant velocity joints are called what they are is that the input and output speed of the joint does not change when the joint is moved at a angle.

What your car really needs is CV joints (as constant velocity joints are called) there is nothing wrong with the shaft that connects the two joints,its just common and you are “going with the flow” if you replace both joints and their boots along with the shaft as a complete unit.

“it implies that there is a “full shaft” somewhere (perhaps that comes at the counter where you pay)”

That part will take place when he sees the invoice from Sears for the replacement of the CV joints.

Kennyli–DO NOT have the work done at Sears unless you want poor workmanship, coupled with high prices. Take the car to a well-reputed independent mechanic in your area.

You may only need one side done.
You can check right side by turning wheel all the way to the right while in empty lot the give it a little gas in drive then do the same in reverse.
Turn the wheel; all the way to the left then go backwards then forwards.
You may have to have someone stand next to the front right side to listen for clicking noise.
You should hear noise from left but if no noise from right the right side does not need replacing.
It is not uncommon for one side to go bad while other is ok.
I agree find good local repair shop not a chain.

Thanks a lot for your responses!

In the beginning, I thought it was the brake pad getting thin which caused the noise so I took it to SEARS. I did not let SEARS do the job when they told me that it costs ~$500 to fix it. I eventually took it back to the garage which did the strut work for inspection, and they said it was a loose nut?? they tightened it with no charge! Does it make sense to you?