2012 Chrysler 200 - Suspension knock

I have a 2012 Chrysler 200 convertible touring. For several years of taking it to probably for mechanics and paid money for them to repair this issue which never happened. The issue is, only after driving the car for about 20 miles will I begin to hear a knocking and the suspension. At least that’s where it sounds like it’s coming from. But until I drive that car for a. Of time and usually it has to be at least 15 to 20 miles, I won’t hear the knocking sound and typically I hear it when I’m going slower over slight bumps or even turning into my development when I go over the slight lip coming in off the road. It’s rather bizarre because the sound does not appear until after I’ve driven it for a while. It’s as if something suspension wise is heating up and possibly loosening. I’ve already replaced the the rear wheels.

this could be your problem but you have not said what work you have had done…
Knocking Noise when going over Bumps [2000 Chrysler 300M] - YouTube

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I honestly can’t keep up with everything that’s been done. I’d have to pull out all the receipts. All I know is every time they say it’s fixed and I drive it for about 20 miles I start to hear it again. The link that you sent has about 50 videos so I’m not sure which one you’re referring to :slight_smile: I do know that the struts have not been replaced so I wonder if it could be those.

Maybe calipers are sticking, getting hot, braking issue?

when you opened the link did you not see the video on the left that says…

Knocking Noise when going over Bumps [2000 Chrysler 300M]

Pull out all the receipts and tell us what they say they did. If we know what you shop did, then we can better help in the future. BTW, kudos for keeping receipts.

It’s just going to make everybody guess. My point is it doesn’t make a noise until the car has been driving for 20 miles or more. How many things on a car suspension are not going to act up until the car has been driven a long distance. The mechanics keep guessing even though they know what has been replaced. No more guessing.

Or the exhaust system is heating up and flexing just enough to make contact with the floor of the car when going over bumps.


Yes. It could very well be something like that. I’ll keep this one in mind for the next time I see my mechanic. Thx for the suggestion.

My guess, a suspension system bushing is worn out. When it’s cold it is firm enough to stay where it is supposed to stay, but as it heats up it gets squishy & moves, which allows play at that suspension interface. The owner should drive the vehicle until it starts making the noise, then take it to the shop. The shop should then test drive the vehicle with the owner to make sure what noise exactly is the complaint, and from what part of the car it seems to be coming from. Next is to keep the vehicle at the shop overnight. The next AM, put the vehicle on the lift cold, inspect the suspension parts for play. Then drive the vehicle until they hear the noise again, then put it on the lift again. Hopefully this last inspection will show some play where it didn’t exist prior.

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