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Front Disc Brake - question on squeeking

I replaced my front disc brakes at Big O Tires and the manager said he always uses OEM parts and said he has to change both the roter and pads. However, soon after a few days, it started to squeek (quite noisy). I think I made a big mistake by not going to the dealer. What can I do? Please advise.

Its probably harmless (though annoying) hardware vibration. There are ways to make it stop squealing - anti-rattle clips, some well placed grease - things like that.

Take it back and tell them you want them to fix the squeaking.

I don’t know what “Big O Tires” is - but any good, independent, local mechanic can do brakes. Any of them can fix the squealing if Big O won’t help. You don’t need a dealer and you should avoid corporate chains.

Happiness comes in a spray-can called CRC De-Squeak. You spray it on the rotors. If the pads were installed correctly there should be no squeaks.

You can avoid problems like this by simply saying, when you drop off the car, “I’d like my old parts back in the boxes the new parts came in please”. If they object, time to leave.

Big O is here in Tucson,Big O and every other place that does disc brakes sees a certain percentage come back with a squeak complaint. They won’t be suprised to see you at all.

the manager said he always uses OEM parts and said he has to change both the roter and pads.

Did they re-use the original anti-rattle clips and anti-squeal shims? Or worse, did they toss them and not use anything at all? I got sick of chasing squeals and the questionable remedies in the form of sprays, lubricants, brush on anti-squeal junk and just buy the OEM kits. For the extra $15/wheel, it’s well worth the peace and quiet on the first go-around to replace them with new.

Thank you. Good advice to stop the annoyance of squeeky brakes.