Front Damage on a vehicle

I just wanted an estimate price on the repairs for this car before I buy it, heres a picture please tell me if its major, or i just need parts http://s32…g&newest=1

Major, Yes!!

Even if the air bags stayed undeployed, I would GUESS at least $2500 if no structural deformation in the support frame.

With air bags deployed this probably would be an insurance write-off.

However, there are many capable estimators in your area. Ask them for an estimate with new parts, as well as good salvage parts.

Ok thanks alot, and the parts actually my friend owns a junk yard so I can get all the parts dirt cheap, and that vehicle is actually salvage I was gonna buy it!!! but thanks alot anyway :slight_smile:

You can’t get salvage airbags! That’s illegal. So budget for 2 new airbags as well.

O.Ok, I wasn’t talking about gettin salvage air bags, My most concern is the front damage, I can go buy brand new air bags thats not a problem!

It might be a problem. Air bags run about $600 each. For them to work you would need new sensors, control modules possibly new seat belts and other parts. Easily another $1500.