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I was recently in a car accident when my Nissan Versa Sedan 1.8 SL deployed airbags. I was wondering what the cost would be to replace the air bags and the damage to the hood and frontal bumper. After impact, the car was still running.

Bag replacement totals most cars…What is the year and mileage on your car?

That’s sort of like asking how long is a piece of string. We can’t see the car. If the hood was bent upward, then there is almost sure to be damage to the hood latch area and radiator core support. Does the hood still open and latch properly?

New bags are prohibitivly expensive. You can often find used airbags at . You will want the module too. Some are listed as complete sets even if you click on just one side. Be sure to read trhe descriptions before you call. Also mention that you saw them on so they will know you are a serious looker. Many salvage yards will not ship airbags and many carriers refuse to haul them. Expect to have to buy them locally.

With a little luck, you may find a hood and bumper that are already the right color that way too. Painting is expensive.

We’re wondering, too. Please let us know after you get a few extimates.

Any reputable body shop will do a free estimate—most will do it on the spot in about 10 minutes. Be prepared for an answer in the several thousands.

FWIW, one body shop I have used charged $10 for the written estimate, with that charge applied to your bill if you had them do the work. I thought that was a reasonable business method.

The mileage is 50,000 and it is a 2007 model. At this point, I am hoping to lay down at least 5,000 for repairs if it is possible.

SOME body shops will refuse to use airbags from a salvage yard due to liability issues. If a used airbag refused to pop, your heirs would be right to be upset. Ask around, of fix it without airbags and keep your seatbelt fastened. NOT MY RECOMMENDATION.

Please note that any seat belts that were in use at the time of the accident will have to be replaced. They stretch as they are supposed to, but only once.

A 2007 model may also have seatbelts that are SET by an explosive device when the airbags go off. I was not thinking of those when I posted the above. I do not know about the Versa, or the Vice either for that matter.

I’ve never heard that about standard belts, and would suspect that any stretching would depend on the speed of impact.