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Front Damage on a vehicle

I just wanted an estimate price on the repairs for this car before I buy it, heres a picture please tell me if its major, or i just need parts http://s32…g&newest=1


Looks major to me. If there is a “crush zone” on this car it looks like it got crushed. Can’t see the wheels but damage went far enough into the motor compartment that steering and front suspension parts are more likely to be junk rather than reusuable.

The front seems to be torqued meaning frame (or unibody) will need straightening. Much more than just replacing some parts.

If you are going to do the work yourself, you will be a busy man for some time. I rebuilt the entire front end of my s10 after driving it into the back end of an Equinox. I had the benefit of a frame that could be straightened (Professionally done $550.) As I understand it, it is much harder to get a unibody straight. I would get a professional estimate on the the unibody before I would even consider this car.

Here is the photo album. All together it cost me about $2000 in parts, paint, and getting the frame straight.

The crush zones are crushed. The unibody has been bent out of alignment as indicated by the skew in the radiator core support. The radiator is missing, probably totally shot and discarded. THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs, and may never be right. Let it go.

If you can’t repair this yourself (and can’t come up with an entire front clip for a reasonable price) then you should consider passing on it.

Without actually seeing the car this looks like a bolt-on repair to me but without seeing those inner fenders, strut towers, and lower subframe it’s anybody’s guess.

Walk away from this car. Right off the bat I can see both frame rails are swayed hard to the left beyond pulling. They need replacing which if done properly means pulling the engine for access. The radiator, condenser, radiator support, bumper cover, absorber, impact bar, headlamps, fans are all damaged and there will be plenty more damaged items. This is not a job for a diy. Most likely this is a total loss. I turn down all t/l work at my shop.