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2009 Ford Fusion front end collision repair?

What parts will I need besides a front bumper absorber, cover, mounting panel, reinforcement , bumper cover, headlights fenders etc. Is there anything else like small parts I should look into buying? I’m not familiar with what parts are on the front end of the body. If I buy all of these things from craigslist and DIY with my dad and uncle who have a little bit of car-smarts, do you think it might cost under 2k and is do-able in the first place? Thank you…
Edit: there is nothing wrong with the engine.

-Sad Car Owner

You should get a quote from a body shop and look at the list. It might have major frame damage that would be difficult to DIY.

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The car is totaled.

The right front of the uni-body structure is crushed.




Please do, I don’t have many viable options other than to look into fixing it.

galant’s not going to get you a quote, he can’t, he doesn’t have the car. Actually he might if you pay him enough :slight_smile:

I’m sure he meant “would” not “will” meaning you have to get the quote.

My guess is another car will be a lot cheaper than fixing your totaled car.

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You will have to learn to identify the parts as you work on the car, nobody will be able to provide you with a detailed list of each bracket, hose, motor, sensor etc. A body shop estimator will likely only list the major parts on the estimate to prove that the cost to repair the car is greater that the cost to replace the car.

I’m sorry, but Tester is right.
It’ll take a well equipped body shop to get that front into shape again. The impact may have twisted the whole front sideways, which means nothing will align, so I don’t believe fixingit to be an economical good idea.


I am a very capable DIY-er and I wouldn’t consider fixing a car with that much damage. A “little bit” of car smarts won’t get it done. And it won’t be under 2K, even as a DIY project, from what I can see.

Don’t you have insurance?

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Craigslist will not even begin to have the parts needed and car smarts will not either. This is a serious repair even for a collision center. As for the engine being fine , that may not be correct . I guess you do not have full coverage insurance . The other posters are right , this thing is totaled .

I edited my own post for clarity.

And, yes, forgot to mention that craigslist would not be a place to get all these parts. You will have to find a Fusion with rear damage and then move parts to yours. This is a very involved project, usually done by body shops when they want to flip a salvage car.

I am assuming you do not have insurance/it is not covered. It is a hard pill to swallow but there are worse things in life than a crushed car.

I’ll make this easy, just this damage was over $4k. There is also damage you can’t see such as lower control arm, steering rack, tie rods etc.

Yeah you are in way over your head. I’ve done hobby body work since I was 13 and wouldn’t take this on. The good news is that if you have insurance they will total it and pay you off. If you don’t have insurance, that means the car is paid for anyway so time to start over. If you have a loan on the car and didn’t carry insurance, the good news is that the bank put insurance on it anyway but the rates are pretty high.

Last year a lady backed into my front end in the drive through lane. So this was a low speed crash. She punctured my bumper cover, broke the headlight, dented the hood and fender a little. By the time all was said and done, the damage was $3000. That’s one reason insurance costs have been going up-hers especially.

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