Front collision damage(Solved)

Alright so we are looking at a 2010 ford focus FWD. It was in a frontal collision.
The car will turn on, however it wont move. I will pin the image I currently have. What are some of the things that could be wrong here. What are some of your guesses on a repair estimate. Currently the estimate given by a mechanic was 5000-6000$. Which is the price of buying a new one. ********. Lets stop this foul business practice of preying on ignorance. I will get more information on the vehicle later and post it as well. If you have questions that will help better identify the problem shoot away. Thank you Internet.:slight_smile:

There’s an easy $3k-4k just in sheetmetal replacement/paint alone. I’m sure there’s some more damage that’s not visible in the picture alone. $5k-$6k could be in the ballpark, it’s difficult/impossible to tell from just one picture. Even if you get this car at salvage title price, there’s no way you’ll come out money ahead with the repairs this car will need.

Also I couldn’t help but notice you’re taking the shotgun approach to this. You’ve copy and pasted the entire post to several forums, using burner accounts for most of the ones I saw. Some will regard this as a poor practice.

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Look for another car…this one is not worth it. This is more than a fender bender.

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Why would you trust ANY information on collision repair costs from a bunch of internet folks who can’t inspect the damage.

The mechanic’s estimate will be FAR better than anything WE could post.

Give it up, the car’s totaled, walk away and be thankful you CAN walk away.

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I agree with the others. The condition of “the car won’t move” is pretty wide open without more details. Could be anything from a broken axle to a shot transmission or as little as no transmission fluid. Like said though, if you gotta ask, you are over your head.

I liked this post because it got me thinking. I will defer to the folks with more knowledge of repair costs on the main question, but I want to know, “Why in the world does anyone look at fixing a 2010 Ford Focus that is likely totaled?” What about that 11-year-old car attracts you to it so much you’d be willing to deal with the repair if it so close to the car’s replacement cost? If this was a Mustang GT or a car like that I’d get it.

If you own a junk yard and can pull parts to repair it in your shop, it might be worth it. If that were the case, you wouldn’t ask us for advice, of course.

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The problem is not the damage that you can see in the picture. It’s the underneath and unseen damage.

To me anyway, an 8 year old Focus with major damage is worth a grand; and that’s only after a thorough lookover. And with the words “if and maybe” still applied.

I should have added that the car’s inability to move could be caused by halfshaft or transmission damage. If that is the case then it’s a 100 dollar car. Maybe.

Are you thinking of buying this or is it your’s and you want to know if it is worth repairing? Did the airbags deploy?

If they could obtain the car for free or just a few hundred dollars , might be worth a chance. Worse case, it’s got probably $500 to $1000 parts value at the local junkyard. And who knows what’s involved to get it working again. A look under the hood might reveal not much of import has been damaged. All it may need is a new radiator and radiator fan, a few light bulbs, and unbending some sheet metal. New paint and purrrfect-looking appearance isn’t necessary to drive around town doing errands. For someone who can’t afford the $6,000 it would cost to buy a used car, but have some diy’er skills, enough time on their hands, might work.

George, did you miss the part about it will not move? That indicates drive line problems besides the OP came back and changed header to add ( SOLVED ).

New calendar or new math?