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From CarTalk Column - Reving Engine

“Neighbor revved up over Mustang owner’s late night habit”…well, I read this to my wife, hoping to vindicate myself with my wife for my “reving” my Audi R8 V10 engine in my garage before shutting it off. As a child of the 50’s and 60’s, and our Pony/muscle cars…it was quite common to “rack our pipes” before shutting them off. I strongly disagree with your statements (in order to save face with my wife)…or…at least I did so, and even embellished your article, as I read it to my wife, to add…just a few more sentences of my own…as if you had added this…”Yet, it does provide some long lasting, soothing thoughts of the melodious music of a well tuned engine…which leads to lower stress, lower blood pressure…and is heart healthy”. I think…she saw through my charade. When I get my keys back from her for my R8…I will try to be a little more subtle.
Your friend…Don Istook
Istook’s Motorsports and RS Werkes…Audi Customer Racing Member.

Could be less stressful than someone mowing the lawn for 2 hours.

How do you know if someone owns an Audi R8?? (Or Corvette, or Porsche or Ferrari)

They will tell you at any opportunity.


Twice a year, I had to be in meetings with a guy who owned both a Caddy and a Corvette.
When we engaged in discussions about the school district’s policies, he ALWAYS managed to insert “My Caddy and my Corvette” into discussions that had nothing whatsoever to do with car ownership.

Sadly, this guy didn’t realize how his Caddy/Corvette mantra revealed his deep-seated insecurities.


That also applies to someone who has an old Corolla and an old truck on the west coast .


Pretty funny! It just happens to be the car I have right now…but the reving engine before shut off was with most anything I have owned that I liked to hear the sound of the engine…nothing wrong with that. But…if I had made the same statement without making reference to something that has a decent exhaust sound…it wouldn’t have carried the same weight…AND…I wouldn’t have gotten the response of a couple of wankers!! Also…you have no idea what my background is. Enjoy!

A neighbor rev’ing the engine briefly before shutting car off wouldn’t bother me. That happens at the end of the day. I’m not sleeping then. If they rev’ed the engine early in the morning, that might be a problem. I had a neighbor some time ago who would open their car with their fob early in the morning and for some reason that method would also beep the horn. Very annoying. Somehow they eventually figured out how to turn that horn beep off.

It is all about being conditioned to be annoyed by the noise. When you have had an ongoing back and forth with your neighbor about something and they keep doing it, then it drives you nuts. Same noise when you are on vacation somewhere else would be a none issue.

Nah. Someone revving their loud car when I’m asleep would wake me up no matter where.

Just as an FYI…my comments were made tongue in cheek!!!..and don’t really reflect on how I feel about inconsiderate people. My Dad taught me a LONG time ago…be considerate of your neighbors and of others.

It is a little hard to tell just what a person means on a forum post plus some who saw your post might not even be aware of the article you were replying to.

That one is actually up on the main page right now: