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Repairs sooner than later

I call my husband “The Rev!” We presently own a 2006 Subaru Baja 5-speed, but his methodology has applied to every car we have ever owned. He is not mechanically inclined, and pretty much knows that. But if there seems to be a problem with the engine/transmission/ what have you, as we are driving – no matter what kind of road we’re on or where – he will rev the engine. He puts the car in neutral, but still revs the engine. His response to why he does this is that if there is a problem, revving the engine might exacerbate it so that we will know immediately what it is. I happen to think this is dangerous for many reasons. Then if he can’t figure out what may be going on, rather than take it to our mechanic, he proceeds to drive the car until the problem REALLY manifests itself. Am I wrong to think that a) he shouldn’t be revving the engine like that when we’re on the road; and b) that he should have any issues that might appear to be problematic taken care of sooner than later?

You are right on both count’s.

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His thinking is wrong for many reasons . Where do people get these Goofy ideas ?


OK, thanks. I thought it was just me. But he does have a LOT of goofy ideas … LOL!!

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Great, thanks!

When you confront him with unassailable reality, does he declare it to be “fake news”?


I have seen many car’s in the salvage yard’s over the year’s that were not wrecked but were there because people left problem’s go untill they were more than the car was worth to fix.

I agree with @Renegade

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