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Annoying neighbor over-revving VW bug

A neighbor of mine has an old VW bug. He rarely drives it, but every Saturday afternoon backs it onto the driveway and revs the engine up and down for about 30 minutes. The noise is horrendous and usually wakes my napping toddler. Is there any mechanical benefit to this practice? If not, I intend to politely ask him to tone it down.

There’s no mechanical benefit to this, but I have a feeling that even a mountain of evidence won’t convince him of it.

Look on the bright side. Your toddler will probably be able to sleep better through commotion than some of his contemporaries.

Sounds like the jackass ex-neighbor I had about 10 years ago. He used to drag his 70 Nova out (350 engine, long tube headers, and NO exhaust after the headers) and rev it for 20-30 minutes at a time. He would only do this around 10 at night and combined with the yapping of 4 or 5 of his mangy mutts it really wore thin.

Complain to the city? He was a sitting city councilman. Eventually he wore out his welcome and moved. I’d like to think that a few illegalities I committed had something to do with his getting out of Dodge.

His reason will be to keep the battery charged and to keep the top of the engine lubricated. This can be done at idle without revving the engine. I am sure he gets a feeling of being a “motorhead” which gives he some self worth.
Ask him to reduce the revving since it wastes gas and wakes your child. His task can be completed at idle, but just as someone has already posted, this person will be more concerned about himself and not abide by your simple request.

He’d be better served by just driving it around the block a couple of times. (if it’s drivable) That way all the moving parts would get some exercise, and maybe he wouldn’t get flat spots on all his tires. If he’s just trying to keep the battery charged, he’d be better served using a charger than the anemic alternator (generator?) on this old thing.

He’s probably posting on a child care board right now:

“My neighbor has a toddler that cries every time he is outside. His parent insists on bringing him outside every time I am getting ready to watch football. Is there any health benefit to bringing the crying child to sit outside?”

Okay, so that’s unlikely…


He can’t be over-revving it. You might suggest that, however, since that would lead to something breaking in the engine and then there would be no more noise, at least for a while.


tell buckethead to rev it higher and then some.Vw’s really don’t care for that, but don’t let them on to this.

Let’s give the guy a chance. cantab, ask him to find another time, preferably when your child is not napping. I’d bet that 11 AM or so would be a good time. Kids shouldn’t nap until at least 1PM, but others could be snoozing for most of the rest of the afternoon. Let him decide whether he is a good neighbor or not. And let us know what happens. Just be your usual kind, gentle self and allow him to be himself. He might turn out to be half decent. If he doesn’t have kids, why would he think about their nap habits?