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2014 Chevrolet Tahoe - I like to rev

Dear Tom and Ray,
I have the bad habit of ‘revving’ the car while driving or flooring it to overtake other cars . Just wanted to ask you guys whether this damages my engine or it’s totally fine .

Ray might not see this post and Tom is no longer with us , RIP .
Why are you doing this ridiculous habit anyway . The extra wear might not be much but you are wasting fuel and I personally would not want to ride with you .

How are you ‘revving’ it? Do you have a manual transmission?
Automatic transmissions will downshift and under wide open throttle may redline then shift to higher gear.

And does the “redlining” thing harm the engine or is it fine ? Keep in mind that I do it while driving

Just stop 'redlining ’ . There is no need to do that as much as you seem to be doing and yes it will shorten the life of the engine . Why do I suspect you are a teenage driver in your parents vehicle ?

I merge into traffic and pass vehicles on two lane roads and never redline my vehicle .

The engine will not red-line if the transmission is shifting properly.

If an engine fails due to operating at high RPMs it isn’t up to my standards which aren’t very high, my Stratus sees 5000-6000 RPMs every day.