Frequent Stalls

My 1999 GMC Jimmy stalls at least once a month for the past few months. Each time this happens the SUV will run sluggish have a few quick backfires and then shut down completely. (It will fire back up after it sits for a day). I had the fuel pump replaced along with the filter and crank shaft sensor, however the problem still occurs, any suggestions.

Well my first guess was going to be the crank sensor. Number two would be the ignition coil(s) or whatever performs that function on your car.


I had someone mention the Catalytic converter may be clogged. What’s your opinion.


If the catalytic converter was clogged, you would have consistent problems such as an inability to accelerate rapidly. If you are not experiencing that, then I doubt that the cat converter is the problem.

OK thanks again…

What is the only thing that can cause that to happen? Sometimes, a question like that can help a lot. If there are no codes, and the car won’t start for a whole day and the problem happens regularly, like once a month, I would think that the computer that controls the engine would be doing it. Computers can foul up badly and work well the next day.

While checking around for a simlar problem w/my 2000 blazer, I heard that the injectors in the throttle body may partially block up and can be cleaned out instead of replaced. What’s the story on the crank shaft sensor? Is that something that would work intermittantly?