Grand Prix stalls every other day

I have a 2001 Grand Prix with 90000 miles on it, all services are up to date.

Recently, it has started giving me problems. The car starts fine with no problems, after a couple of hours, it will stall completely, this happens every other day, it could be a week in between instances.

The car will not start again immediately, after a five to 10 minute wait, it starts again with no problems.

My mechanic suggested it was the Crank Shaft Sensor which was replaced to no avail, as of right now, we have not been able to fix the problem.

In other forums I have read that it could be the Fuel Pressure Regulator, however, my mechanic disagrees with this and he says that if this was the problem, the car would not start at all. The computer shows no problem on the car.

I am desperate!! Any advice???

Thank you.

The problem might be with the ignition control module. These can become heat sensitive where when they get too hot it causes the engine to shut down. Then if you sit and wait long enough the module cools back down and the engine runs again.


If it isn’t the ignition control module like Tester suggests, they I’d start looking at a fuel delivery problme, like the pump quitting intermittently. This one could be a real head scratcher. The Grand Prix were pretty solid, reliable cars, especially with the 3.8.

Thank you for your input, this is a 3.1 engine, does it matter??

I have to wonder about your mechanic. First, a car can run with a faulty pressure regulator. Second, one can easily find out about how well the regulator is doing its job. The “guess” about the CKP sensor is also not a good sign.

When it won’t start is it cranking? Or do you turn the key and it just does nothing (or maybe just a click?)

If the car is cranking, grab a spark tester and a can of starter fluid. The next time it won’t start hook up the spark tester - if no spark, follow Tester’s lead. If you have spark shoot some starter fluid into the intake - does it fire? If so follow bennyandthejets lead.

No, the 3.1 is a good motor as well (except for the few thousand which had piston slap from the begining due to a manufacturing tolerance issue). But they made a bazillion of those 3.1 engines, and put them in buicks, olds, pontiacs, etc. If you can rule out a fuel delivery problem, just for grins, when the engine is running fine, take a spray bottle and spray water around your DIS assembly (coil pack) and see if that changes things. If it does, suspect a bad coil pack or individual coil if you can isolate it.

I am wondering about my mechanic too!!! The car cranks, it just feels like if it is out of gas, they also replaced fuel regulator?? (I don’t know the name of the specific part, but it is the one that measures how much gas you have left). The gas pump was replaced about six months ago, brand new!

I will try what you have suggested, hopefully something works.

Thank you for your quick assistance.

YOU can help discover if the problem with fuel delivery (fuel injection system), or with ignition (spark system). When it doesn’t start, use the starting fluid and the spark tester. Note results.
The problem could be flooding. During cranking, hold the gas pedal to the floor. Keep it there until it starts, and ease up on the gas pedal as the engine rpm increases.
If this doesn’t work, use the starter fluid. Report results to a mechanic.