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Stalling after a long trip

I drive a 2001 Chevy Blazer. After driving for a couple of hours it stalls. I wait a few minutes, try to crank it, takes a few turns, then I go for a few more miles…repeat the process until I get somewhere. I leave it parked over night then can make a few short trips but nothing extensive. My first attempt was replacing the alternator. I’d like a little more feedback before making any other expensive repairs.

Any suggestions?


Gary “can’t get anywhere” Bowers

Struthers, Ohio

It could be a few things, so you’ll need to do some diagnosis before you just go replacing parts. It sounds a lot like a weak fuel pump to me, but you’d need a fuel pressure tester to confirm this.

The first two suspects are either the Crankshaft Position Sensor or the Ignition Module. Either of these can become sensitive to heat where they fail. You let the engine cool down for a while and it starts right up and goes for a while until the engine heats up again, and then she shuts down again as if someone shut off the key.


Thanks for the feedback.

I appreciate the advise.