96 camry leaking coolant

We got the freeze plug changed a few months back; it was located so the tranny had to be pulled, is that right? That’s what the mechanic said. Now the engine is again overheating and losing coolant. How many freeze plugs are in this thing?


There’s freeze plugs located on the front, rear, and on each side of the engine block, and there’s some on the head(s). Usually when freeze plugs fail, it’s because of the lack of maintenace of the cooling system.


Like tester said, they’re everywhere. You might have stressed the engine causing a couple of them to fail, or the mechanic might have not done a good job installing the new freeze plug. Whatever you do, don’t let that thing get hot, or you’ll be replacing that aluminum head.

I wouldn’t rule out something else leaking besides freeze plugs. fill your COLD engine with coolant, then run it with a clean piece of cardboard underneath to help find what is leaking