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Oil leak

car has slight oil leak comming from left side of engine.Oil is seeping out of a black round plastic plug, located below valve cover.Car is 2001 l.s integra with 124,000 miles I have not had to add any oil.It has been seeping out for 2 months.Is this worth fixing or expensive to fix?I was thinking of taking the car to the dealer for the repair if it was not to expensive.Any advice on this repair? Thanks Jack

Posted by: przystasz

The dealer should be able to do it and they should be able to give you an estimate, but I would suggest also getting an estimate from an independent (not part of a chain) estimate. Most independent mechanics are just as good as the dealer, but charge less, but don’t expect a large screen TV and double mocha coffee while you wait.

Changing the freeze plug is easy if it’s right out in the open.

Oil from a freeze plug?

While I’m not familiar with the engine layout off the top of my head is this part small in size and look something like this?

If so, it’s not a big deal and a common problem with many vehicles when they get a little age and mileage on them.

No, I don’t think it looks like that. It is round and the size of a quarter. Could this be a freeze plug? If so will this be a expensive repair? Thanks, Jack

Oil level sending unit maybe?

OK, I invent things. Oops.

How manny bucks do you estimate? Thanks,Jack