Freeway Accident?


If you ever have a freeway (or even a busy road) accident, please get out of your car and move away from the road. Sticking around the car can only get you in trouble.

Other drivers will be distracted by the accident and that means you are not as likely to notice you sanding near the road.

I say this because of the three accidents I have had (over the last 40+ years) one was caused by people lined up along the edge of the road. I was #17 in a 17 vehicle accident. I had to hit another car and since we had no seat belts back then, it cost me two teeth.


I’d say this applies to any accident. Getting away from the car and the road is the safest thing to do. I see people standing around their cars, in traffic, after fender-benders, and they seem oblivious to the danger. Crazy.


That’s good advice.

We used to have a saying in the world of cycling: “look at the line you want to follow, NOT the things you want to avoid. Your bike will follow your eyes”. Early in my cycling years I was taught this, and became a much better cyclist when I began follwing it. Years of experience taught me that the saying is not only true, but emphatically so.

It works with driving too. People drive toward (and sometimes into) things they gawk at because our steering tends to follow our eyes.


I was taught the same thing “look at the line you want to follow, NOT the things you want to avoid.” when I was going for my m/c endorsement on my driver’s license. My father told me that when I was getting my car license and I use it often. When you are in a center lane of the road and you enter a curve, keep aiming not where you are, but well ahead of where you are (like 10 car lengths) and you will stay in the center of your lane rather than crowding someone else.


My best friend (35 years ago) and is girl friend were driving to the East Coast from the West Coast. They stopped in a backup on the Indiana toll road. Unfortunately they were the last car in line when a semi plowed into them at a high speed. It climbed on top of their car and continued forward through 4 more cars. My friends died that night. I mention this just in case anyone doesn’t see the wisdom of your warning.


I think that story would be a good addition to
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