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I tried this…i got nothing…it went nowwhere

Whether it led anywhere or not, this type of commercial advertising is inappropriate, and that caused me to flag it about an hour ago. Let’s see how long it takes for the thread to disappear.

Incidentally, I would suggest that you avoid clicking on links for possibly dodgy applications like that.
You could wind up installing malware on your computer as a result.


I wondered who would be the one to “click” on this, but not too hard. I rarely ever click on any links,just like opening an email from someone you do not know.

oops…was that a no no

I also use that software, as well as a few others, for periodically checking/ridding my computer of malware. You might want to do a scan now, as a result of clicking on that unknown link.

Scan in progress

Would be nice to know the others you use

In the computer world i was "given a fish and had to take it from there. Its been an interesting journey