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Freaky Warning Lights

Bought Pre-owned 2004 Volvo V70, 3/31/07 ; Warranty until April 2010

1) 6/25/08: transmission and brake lights on and a/c blew warm air.

Action by dealer: replaced BCM & upload software

2) 6/26/08 front passenger windows squeak & roll down partway, a/c warm

Action: 36001-2 codes; 83178-3 driver’s passenger door module fault; 83526-2 replaced window regulator power front door; replaced brake control module 59301-2; software control module download

3) 8/28/08 multiple warning lights on while driving; a/c warm; washer fluid not coming out

Action: replace windshield washer motor; other codes don?t appear

4) 7/20/10 when accelerating after a stop transmission feels like stuck in second gear.

Action: service could not replicate.

5) 8/10/10 a/c warm after driving, will be cold again if stop and restart engine.

Action: 78535 ecm code 200a possibly causing compressor to turn off; multi-pt inspection;. 86 software upgrade.

6) 8/24/10-9/10/10 brake lights, engine service required and transmission failure lights all on, a/c warm, car feels in second gear, driver’s window stuck and squeaks.

Action: repair window regulator 83516-2; a/c compressor replace. 87404-2 refrigerant drain and refill; repair window regulator; 37309 cable harness engine repair, replace central electric unit 37211-2, replace engine control module 28403-2, replace transmission control module 43715-2; 36001-2 codes; repair termina 6 30656679 5; splice 9130467 5; 1 36001066 4 compressor ex; 2 811250 0 freon R134A; 1 8888741 a/c dye R134A; 2 988843 9 0-Ring; 37268-3 central electronic module/passenger compart. relay box fault tracing diagnostic trouble code (2).

My question is since the a/c problem was a constant through these complaints and kept recurring, weren?t the final repairs, after April 2010 were due to pre-existing problems and that the warranty should have covered them, especially since this was a certified pre-owned purchase. By the way, this 2004 car had 2 previous owners before my 2007 purchase.