VW Jetta - In dash brake light & A/C malfunction



I own a 2004 Jetta with less than 25k miles. While leaving work to get lunch last week, both the in dash brake light along with a constant beeping while driving came on and the A/C stopped working at the same time. Since it is under warranty, I took it to the dealership but they claim the fuse for the A/C keeps blowing and it’s a wiring issue. They have yet to work on the brake light issue. Has anyone encountered this problem and should I be worried that the service center at the dealership is taking too long to fix it? Please advise. Thanks.


Since three (apparently) unrelated circuits failed at once, it’s probably a short in the wiring. That’s often hard to trace. How long it would take is luck.


Did they check the charging system? Low output from the alternator can cause some weird electrical things to happen.

This is for star… You have absolutely “0” experience in automotive repair or diagnosis. Your only claim is that you have some A/C experience but that isn’t even in automotive A/C. To claim there is no connection between these problems is down right stupid.

Their taking a long time to fix it means one of three things.  

They need a part and are waiting

They are busy and are putting this one off

They are having problems figuring it out and may be waiting for the one guy in the shop that should know to return from vacation.  Hopefully they have supplied a loaner.