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False-alarm warning lights related to a/c compressor?

Bought Pre-owned 2004 Volvo v70, 3/3107 25/6/08: transmission and brake lights on;a/c warm... action: replaced BCM & upload software. 26/6/08 front passenger windows squeak & roll down partway, a/c warm...action: 36001-2 codes; 83178-3 driver's passenger door module fault; 83526-2 window regulator power front door repl.repl brake control module 59301-2; software control module downloading; 8/28/08 multiple warning lights on while driving; a/c warm;washer fluid not coming out; action: replace windshield washer motor; 7/20/10 when accelerating after a stop transmission feels like stuck in second gear. service could not replicate. 8/10/10 a/c warm after driving, will be cold if stop and restart engine. 78535 ecm code 200a possibly causing compressor to turn off, multi-pt inspection. 86 software upgrade. 8/24/10-9/10/10 brake lights;engine service required and rransmission failure lights on, a/c warm, car feels in second gear,driver's window stuck and squeaks. action: repair window regulator 83516-2; a/c compressor replace. 87404-2 refrigerant drain and refill; repair window regulator; 37309 cable harness engine repair, replace central elec unit 37211-2, repl engine control module 28403-2, replace transmission control module 43715-2;36001-2 codes; repair termina 6 30656679 5;splice 9130467 5;1 36001066 4 compressor ex; 2 811250 0 freon R134A; 1 8888741 a/c dye R134A; 2 988843 9 0-Ring; 37268-3 central electronic module/passenger compart. relay box fault tracing diagn. trouble code (2).
My question is since the a/c problem was a constant through these complaints that the final repairs, after April 2010 were due to pre-existing problems and that the warranty should have covered them, especially since this was a certified pre-owned purchase. By the way, this 2004 car had 2 previous owners before my 2007 purchase.
Could you please reformat that message.  The use of paragraphs or lists, is not optional if you want your messages read.

Mr. Meehan is correct.
Between lack of formatting, the inconsistent or unconventional (or simply incomprehensible) date formats, and the interspersing of parts numbers, this post is just one confusing mess.

Most folks will simply pass this question by until it is presented in a way that invites folks to read it.