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Jerky Volvo

My 2000 V70 with 177K really jerks along when accelerating slowly at around 2000 RPM. To make things worse, it is intermittant…and there is no error code or dashlight on…so Volvo says there is nothing to be done. They tuned it up, changed the Trans. fluid and still the jerking gets so bad sometimes I think i should pull over. But if I put it to the floor, she runs like a top.

By the process of elimination my friendly neighborhood mechanic and I have figured it must be the transmission…and who wants to spend that kind of money on a 10 year old car?

I’d trade it now, before it gets worse. I agree that the problem is the transmission. Fixing it will be prohibitively expensive.

Time to bail out, IMHO.

wait for TRANSMAN to come on and give you a full comment on this one. He is the resident expert on transmissions. Howsom ever, you may have a vacume leak. A vacume leak will give you more problems when the throttle is only partly open. just a thought.