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Franklin Dealer reluctant to handle glass and parts are difficult to find

1998 OLDS AURORA I am handicapped and looking for someone to fix daughters 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora that has leaky rear window ( not doors) Caulking did not work. Car is in Attleboro MA Had parts found once but that mechanic was sent to Afghanistan.

Anyone in 25 mile radius?

Google is your friend, I cannot speak for their reputation, but it should be a fairly simlpe fix.
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ABC Auto Glass
179 Park St
North Attleboro, MA
(508) 695-4800

JN Phillips Auto Glass Attleboro
185 Washington St Suite # 6

Attleboro, MA 02703

Phone: 508-761-6796

Yea, this is a job for a local auto glass shop. Likely they can come to your door and fix it on the spot. Don’t try to fix it yourself with some kind of goop. That could make matters worse.