Volkswagen leaking water in aurora colorado Help

Urgent Urgent .Need car repaired to bring back to montgomery alabama (1500 miles) would like to find someone to diagnose the problem.Does anyone know a reliable mechanic that can repair problem . Was not running hot til it was at an inspection location in Aurora.They really revved it up then it started leaking water. Need it rosad ready.

1998 Volkswagen beetle.Car battery is dead does anyone make house calls.

Inspection location in Colorado?
Do you live in Colorado, and was having its emissions tested?

Here in CO, they put the car on a roller dyno, and do a driving simulation to see how much pollution comes out of the car during typical driving scenarios. I am assuming that you are saying that during the acceleration piece, where they accelerate the car from 20 mph to 55 mph, that your car started leaking coolant?

What you need to do is look under the hood of the car, and see if you can locate the source of the leak. It might be as simple as a blown coolant hose, or it could be much worse, like a dead radiator, or water pump.

As for a car battery, you should easily be able to change that yourself, with a couple hand tools. Heck, if you can get the car jump started, and can make your way over to an auto zone, they should be willing to install it for you.


Contact Plummer’s Service Center. They get really good reviews. I would let them handle the battery and coolant/water leakage issues. If they can’t fit you in, look at Mechanics files, bottom right of Car Talk home page, use zip code 80013. You come up with 20 different reviews.

Getting the car towed isn’t all that expensive.

AAA may make a house call on battery replacement in Denver, if you are an AAA member, but that doesn’t solve the other issues.