Four wheel drive wont work

when I try to engage my four wheel drive it doesnt engage there is no indicator in the cluster either i have checked the bulb it is fine

My 92 Explorer does this once every couple of years if the 4x4 is not used much.
It’s solution is to clean electrical contacts which corrode slightly from non use during the off season.

Did you check the fuses first ?

Yours may need some cleaning somewhere. Clean all contacts at each harness plug, switch, and shift motor.
If a good cleaning doesn’t do the trick it’s time for diagnosis. I’d hate to guess on high dollar items like shift motor, control module, or switch

In my case I take off the little cover where the wires enter the 4x4 shift motor on the t/case. Inside of that there’s four little spring contacts that are always the culprit.

Mine has the shifter on the floor still would I still have a shift motor. I have 2 plugs on the transfer case. I was told that one is the range switch and the other is the selector switch could one or both be bad.

i fixed my four wheel drive it was the range switch works fine now thanks for all the help