99 dakota four wheel drive

when i put it in for wheel drive it wont engage is a switch or a fuse for this

I’m guessing this is an electronic engagement switch?

If it is, pull the switch and check the soldered connections for a loose wire or possible corrosion (from humidity).

You may have a fuse under the hood in a fuse/relay box that may be blown or just dirty. If blown, you’ll need to find out why. (a short?)

Another possibility is a bad electrical connection at the transfer case. Module?

If this is equipped with a floor mounted transfer case shifter, check linkages and possible associated switch.

I have only 2 plugs on the transfer case. I was told one is the range switch the other one is the selector switch is this corret could one or both be bad.

I’m no pro at this, but personally, I’d check out the selector switch wiring connections before replacing it. Same with the range switch.

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How is the front axle engaged? My 2000 Blazer has push button switches for the transfer case, but the front axle is engaged by a vacuum actuator. If so, check for vacuum hose leaks. Some of the vacuum hoses on the Blazer are crumbling due to age. The problem with the 4wd turned out to be the switch that controlled vacuum to the actuator.

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