2000 Subaru Forester - engine whine/groaning

Last week I had the rear passenger wheel bearing replaced on my car at a dealership. Now, when I accelerate @ 40 mph I hear this weird groaning/whining noise that sounds like the transmission wants to go up a gear even if I’m already in 4th gear. When I get up to 45 - 50 there is a shimmy in the car that I can feel in the steering wheel. It also seems as though the acceleration is kind of sluggish. I’m not sure this has anything to do with the repairs made last week. The car has @ 154,000 miles on it. Any ideas what this could be?

make sure your wheel is tight and brake isn’t dragging. If looks ok jack it up and spin wheel by hand. Should be smooth and not wiggle and put one hand on each side and shake side to side to check for play. But don’t knock it off jack! The wheel bearing may not have been installed properly. If you drive it breifly then park you can put the back your hand close to the bearing dust cap or center of wheel and see if passenger and driverside are close to same temp. A bad bearing can get very hot. I don’t know how the bearing assembly installs but I hope the rear cv axle wasn’t damaged.