Forester makes whirring sound in the back/rear, at higher speeds

Hello folks,

Noticing loud whirring or humming sound from the rear side of the vehicle, only at speeds above 50-60mph. At lower speeds, I don’t hear anything. The driving style has not changed (yet) but the sound drives me mad. I had to drive for 3 hours yesterday and couldn’t wait to get out of the car.

The car (2015 Forester) has 30K on the odometer, mostly runs within the city. About 25% are highway miles.

Dr Google says, it could be wheel bearings, but doesn’t 30K sound very short run for bearings? Didn’t hit any potholes in recent weeks.

If it is wheel bearings of one wheel (mostly driver’s side rear), how much it should cost to replace? I tried to find this part but couldn’t find it on subaruparts com Rockauto has wide ranges but I would like to go with OEM.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t let the mileage on a vehicle fool you.

It’s a machine, and anything can go wrong.

By the way, Subaru doesn’t make the bearings that are installed in the car. They’re purchased from a supplier.


We had that on our Forester, but is was a bit older, 7 years. But it’s a pretty common problem on Foresters, yours might be early. A good Subaru shop can tell for sure.

My dad’s Subaru was very loud from the rear end. New tires solved that problem. But I’ve seen many posts here about rear wheel bearings going bad on Subarus.

Are you near new tire time?

No, not yet. Good thread life left but they are 4.5 years old if that qualifies retiring for the tires.

Any good idea on the labor that may involve in this? Some Youtube video mechanic claims, as little as 20 minutes, but not too sure if one goes by the book.

If you like the car, buying new tires of your choice after 30,000 miles on the OEMs is almost certain to bring a big improvement. Life’s too short to put up with OEM tires until their tread is gone.