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what does it mean when someone say .that a fox body car.

Google is ypur friend:

Learn something here all the time. I’d never heard of it but then the only Ford product I ever owned was a 73 Lincoln. This doesn’t look like Fords finest hour though.

The Fox body mustangs still have a strong following, cheap performance with lots of potential.

Why called “Fox”?

Well designations like Fox, Panther, etc sound better than G-body, LH Series, 122.20 chassis, etc. But Ford is returning to the alphanumeric names, like D2. So much for cool names.

Why not? It’s only a name.

Interestingly, the “Mustang” was originally named after the P51 “Mustang” that was so valuable a contributor in WWII. It then acquired the “pony” logo, which was the derivative of the “pony car” term.

The “W” engine, which most believe originated its designation from the shape of its valve covers, was actually one of three designs competing for the production go-ahead. They were the W, X, and Y, project design designations. The “W” design group won.

The B52 bomber is commonly called the BUFF. It stands for Big Ugly Fat Feller…well, that’s the printable version anyway. You get the idea.