Ford windstar help

I have a question about my 1995 Ford Windstar. Yes, I know it’s old, but I don’t really want to buy a new car right now.

For the last few weeks it had a really bad rattle under the car - it’s also had a strong gas smell when you start the car and it’s idling.

A week ago the noise stopped but after the car was warmed up it would do strange things when it shifted - as in not downshift or suddenly downshift. Took it in and had the transmission serviced and it had also been a long time since we’d had a new fuel filter so we had that serviced. Later that day when car was hot - still did the strange stuff. Took it back today and they ran the diagnostic - and these are the codes that came up…

P0500, P0402, P1407.

My husband said after those codes came up they shot air through the fuel system and a lot of carbon and black dust came out. The check engine light is off for now, but I’m concerned the shifting issue might still be there. I told my husband that I think if we have more problems it might be worth it to have the exhaust system looked at.

Oh I should say we’re at 155,000 miles. The transmission was rebuilt probably at about 100,000 miles (I can’t remember the exact miles - I should find the paperwork).

Are we toast? Is it worth it? Any advice?

The code P0500 relates the the Vehicle Speed Sensor. If this is defective it can cause the shifting problems. Replace the VSS, and it should fix the shifting problem.


My mother used to have one of those and she had to have the transmission completely replaced, and it had about that many miles on it too. Sorry to say this, but it might be a goner. Good luck with it!