2001 Ford Windstar

118,000 miles and when I drive it at about 65 mph it feels like it is starting to choke and feels like it will die. Transmission?

I would first suspect a fuel delivery problem. Maybe a bad fuel filter or fuel pump.

Thanks for the info. We know nothing about car problems/repairs so have to trust our Ford dealer. Will check this out.

Just remembered. 11,000 miles ago replaced fuel pump and filter. Could it be bad again? We are driving about 3000/month.

My mothers 1999 Windstar with 75,000 miles just had the transmission replaced. At around 50 - 65 miles per hour, it would “stutter” - similar to a choking feeling - then stop after getting past a certain speed. The O/D light was also coming on - usually after driving 5 - 10 miles.

If it is bad again it’ll mean that something may be causing the pump to work too hard. You may have an EVAP system problem.

Choking at speed could also mean that it can’t breath out, as in a plugged axhaust. It could also mean you have a sensor going bad. There’re a few possibilities here. Any good shop can read the failure codes from the computer and that’ll help guide them in the right direction. Your symptoms should trigger some codes.

If ths trouble isn’t with the fuel system then another check would be the vehicle speed sensor.