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Ford warns of global gridlock in the future

Bill Ford Jr., the executive chairman of the board of directors of Ford Motor Co., was on NPR today warning about things in the future of car culture, including something called “global gridlock”.


Bill Ford focused on the coming global gridlock crisis and asked Ted goers to help Ford generate solutions. Ford talked about his lifelong dual passions of cars and the environment. “I’ve worked for Ford for 30 years and more most of those years we’ve worried about how to sell more cars and trucks. But now I worry about, what if all we do is sell more cars and trucks.”


If that happened why wouldn’t you just get a bicycle? Oh wait a certain segment of the population will. Then the number of cars on the road will go down and it will self mitigate.

Please don’t feed the troll.

Ed B.

I’ll Add It To My List Of Recently Forecasted Catastrophies That Never Happen.

Global Thermonuclear War (60s)
Global Cooling & New Ice Age (70s)
Y2K (99-00)
Global Warming, Man-Made! (90s)
Climate Change [Covers cooling, too], Man-Made! (00s)
Global Gridlock (10s)

I sort of like the “Global” ones. They’re really dramatic. Surprising, But I’ve lived through all of these “sky is falling,” cataclysmic events that never materialized.

Have I missed any ? Comet strike ?


What a great big fear mongering tactic for over paid CEOs and what a line of pity poop they’re trying to feed us.

I agree with CSA. What looks like an insurmountable problem now, only appears that way with today’s perception. They don’t need a reality check, they need a relativity check. The future will take care of itself.

This stuff is only for those who believe in the pyramid scheme.

CCC has a agenda. He HATES cars…and wants everyone to take trains to work…He also believes that everyone should live in cities.

CCC should change his name to chicken little

You’re bizarre, Mike. Okay, now I’ll make equivalent wild claims about you: MikeinNH has an agenda, he thinks everyone should be forced to own a car. EVEN CHILDREN! He thinks everyone should drive at least 50 miles to work. He should change his name to Satan!

Now does that help you realize how off-base you sound?

Yeah, you missed “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

As someone who spent eighteen months of my career working on the problem, the reason there was no Y2K catastrophe was that someone sounded the warning and we fixed it.

You’re welcome.

That reminds me of the adult student I have while taking a break between lessons telling me how people should all be driving a Prius to help save the world. We suv owners are ruining it for everyone. Funny, that was right after she told me her Prius got stuck on the side of the road and she had to wait 2 1/2 hrs to be pulled out. I wonder how much of the world Was saved that day, letting the car idle for that time just to keep warm. Not getting stuck when you can then get to your destination quickly is a way of saving gas too. Logic just seams to escape a lot of tunnel vision people on these “save the world subjects”.

While I disagree with Mike from time to time, I don’t think he believes that everyone should be required to have a car.

I think that he, like me, believes that everyone should have the option of having a car, if they want one.

I think that you believe that no one should be allowed to have a car.

I have a car, and I enjoy driving it. However, it is an expense that I would be happy not to have if I didn’t need one. I live in a mostly rural area and I prefer that to the city. I would have to move to a large city to have any hope of eliminating my need for a car. Now, you are telling me where I can and can’t live and work. I don’t like that at all. On the other hand, I am not telling you that you have to get a car or move to the county.

I feel that you can do as you please. You do not want me to do as I please. I think that is the basic issue that some of us have with you.

CCC…how am I off based…

The difference between what you said and what I said…


You have made the statement that you believe everyone should be commuting by trains…you want our government to spend HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars into building a country wide train transportation system that no one wants…you REFUSE to say how we can possibly get that kind of money…all you say is…“Gee other things are subsidized then we should subsidize trains.”

As I’ve said…you have an agenda…you HATE cars and believe EVERYONE should believe the way you do…Everyone should take trains to work…No one should drive a single car any time…EVER.