Ford truck spark plug insert

Hello, Looking for some advise. I recently took my 1999 Ford F250 V10 into a shop for a tune up. I haven’t serviced this truck regularly so I wasn’t expecting good news. Anyway, they quoted $1250 to replace the spark plugs, change some filters and get it in good condition. They later called and said that one of the spark plugs was stripped, so they tried to install an insert and realized another shop had previously used an insert to install a plug and now the first insert was pushed down touching the head. To remove the first insert would cost approximately $3200 because of it’s location. They said the original shop installed the insert incorrectly without flanging the top to keep it in place. Does any or all of this sound on the level? Is that seriously how much it would cost to repair this? And is the current shop at all accountable because they didn’t look closely enough to notice that another insert was already there before trying to install a second insert?

Any advise would be helpful. Thanks, Fer

We just finished a plug insert job here at the Ford dealer …yes DEALER.
One insert and one plug and all the labor…$ 532.00

But now that one has gone down into the cylinder, the head has to come off and now the labor shoots up.

The Ford insert is slightly different than a helicoil and should be used. It uses a tiny key pin to guarantee it doesn’t spin.

Does the mechanic have a boat yet?
He will coming spring or will get an even better one.

That seems like a pile of money. I could be wrong but you can do a lot for 3K…