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Changing spark plugs on 1998 ext cab 5.4L F250

I ask a ford deaqlership to change the spark plugs on the truck. I was told the cost was $250.00 to replace the plugs.But was told they were prone to brake Each one that brakes will cost $150.00 per plug. This could $1500.00 worst case. Is this what I am faced or is there precautions to take that would minimize this problem. This is a very expensive plug change. I need help. Engine has 125000 miles. Bought used. Unsure when or if they were last changed. Engine runs good.

The service writer is playing CYA… While changing these plugs is quite a chore, I have never broken any of them…Ask around and locate a good local, independent shop and $150-$175 should cover it, using Autolite double-platinum plugs…There is no reason to ever break a spark plug removing them. They may refuse to budge, but that does not mean you put a breaker bar on them and twist them off…