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Ford troubles

I have a strange sound in the motor of my 1988 Ford F-150 5.0 5-speed manual 2WD pickup, it sounds like its on the back(if you’re facing the front grille), towards the center, and maybe lower down on the motor. Kinda sounds like a small bird flapping one of its wings really slowly, a really muffled “flit, flit, flit”, it can be heard best when idling, and from inside the cab, there is never any variation in the sound, except when the motor works harder (like when you turn the steering wheel all the way over in one direction, and make the motor work more).

This particular vehicle seems to be prone to some strange situations, I have cracked 3 different power steering gearboxes within the duration of 3 months, was about to loose the right front tire’s rotor for 4 months (fortunately there was no major damage done) and there is just the fact that I drive that poor pickup harder than anyone could drive a tank.

Vacuum leak ? Ask about a smoke test to find a vacuum leak.

Okay, a vacuum leak, can I keep going without fixing it for a while without causing any major damage, I am intending on either rebuilding the motor an putting it back into the truck, or rebuilding the motor and placing it in a Mustang body, as the motor is a 302.