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Ford F150 noise

I have a 2004 F150 Ford pickup

Something under the truck sounds like a crunching noise when I go over the least little imperfection in the road.

I take it for maintenance on a regular basis (just turned 50,000 on milage)and have complained over the past 2 or three maintenance trips and it stops for about a week afterwards then starts back again. My brother told me to spray a good silicone on the rubber gaskets where they tie into the wheel. Presto, it stops for about a week then starts again.

This is not little noise, remember the old box springs on beds back in the 40’s and 50’s? They were just open springs and everytime you moved on them it would wake everyone in the house with the sqeaking/crunching noise.

My nieces are embarassed to ride with me and I don’t feel safe

I have the same truck (I have 75K) I also have them same odd noises I like to think of them as “body flexing” noises. By your description I put my trucks noises at about 75% less than yours.

My truck passes a very thorough visual inspection (on a lift and I had a second mechanic look also so I would not influence his results)

In the worst case I have satisfied my self that these are noises created by the bed to frame mounting or the cab to frame mounting with a low possibility of suspension generated noises. I keep my ears open.

U-Joints can cause some odd and hard to pinpoint noises,have you heard of any unusual u-joint problems?

thank you for taking the time to respond

no, they tell me they just lubricated the front end (and to me that suggests they think that was the only thing needed) - but then approx. a week later it’s squeaking again.

Mine started out with a low level noise but over the months has become louder and louder.

I’ve noticed other fords on the road making this same noise, especially when going over a speed bump. Seems like the slower you are going, the louder it is. It also makes the noise when I turn the wheel at low speeds (like manuvering in my driveway)