Ford Taurus Starter - 2001

Hey…dealer did a job on my single sister to the tune of $2000 for “rough” running problems. Goodies included pollen filter ($72), radiator flush, transmission flush, and fuel injection system flush…not to mention many, many others that have no impact on rough running.

So, two months later her starter is dead and they want $750 for a battery and starter - though the battery is not dead, <18 months old, and under warranty with Interstate. Needless to say, brotha is PO’d. The car is only worth $3K.

I can turn a wrench. So…how bigga deal is it to replace the solenoid? Disconnect the negative, two bolts, two wires, and viola? Also, is the starter relay integral to the starter and (if not) where is it located and should it also be replaced?


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You need to look at the start circuit wiring diagram for an 01 Taurus which I dont have.

Heres how a typical Ford start circuit is wired:

Ignition switch is wired to an interior fuse.

Interior fuse is wired to the anti theft relay.

Anti theft relay is wired to the "digital transmission range sensor, which allows starting in park or neutral.

Anti theft relay is wired to the starter relay which controls the voltage going to the starter solenoid.

Things to check:

Will it start in neutral & does the starter relay click?

If not, is the fuse I mentioned blown? This will probably be listed in the owners manual as the “anti theft relay fuse”

The Ford factory wiring diagrams for an 01 Taurus are about 30 bucks at & are worth 10 times that.

The factory diagrams will show the location of every connector, every relay, the DTRS etc in the start circuit

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