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1997 Taurus SHO Won't start

My daughter has a 1997 Taurus SHO and it’s been running pretty well until this morning when a turn of the key failed to start the engine. The battery is fully charged but when she turns the key, we get the click from several places under the hood, including the starter relay. I’m pretty sure it’s the starter relay, it’s inside of the fuse box, is identified as “starter” on the guide printed inside of the cover and is black plastic about 1.5 inches square. The windows, radio, horn and all of the other accessories work, but no reaction to the key. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks. -

If you can get at the starter, give it a couple good whacks with a hammer. If the engine starts the brushes in the starter are probably worn out.


The relay you talk about isn’t the starter solenoid which might be mounted on the side of the engine compartment. By following the main positive battery cable it will lead you to it. It might also be part of the starter. The solenoid might have bad contacts and power isn’t getting to the starter motor. The vehicle is old enough for that kind of thing to happen.