2010 Ford Taurus won’t turn over

My 2010 Ford Taurus SEL, won’t start. I tried to turn the key, I have lights and everything. And nothing happened. Not even a solenoid clicking in and out. Not a peep came from the vehicle. The only thing that I noticed was a slight smell of burning plastic. Coming from the front of the vehicle including the interior through the dash vents. Could it be a relay or could my starter be jammed up?

Open the hood and inspect the engine bay for anything that doesn’t belong there. If you find anything, remove it. If you can get under the car, look at the engine bay from there, too. If there was anything, try starting again after removing the debris. If it’s still the same, you should get the starter tested. It probably needs to be replaced.

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do you plan on testing the starter for operation? can you? a shop will tow it so they can look at it. hard for them to do it at home. so, its you or someone else. i have AAA. i can request a jump. and if that fails they will tow it to a shop.