Ford taurus. Please help me

I am thinking about buying a ford taurus everything works ac am d no lights on but guy says it runs a little rough might be a cylander. Is this serious or will it cause cars engine to stop working and ho expensiv e is it to fix

Forget this one; any problem like the one you mention will cost a lot to fix.

Nothing wrong with a Taurus, but pas on this one.

If he says it MIGHT be a cylinder, you can bet he KNOWS it has at least on of the six cylinders needing expensive repair. Run from this deal. There are better cars, even better Tauruses, out there.

It depends on what’s wrong with the cylinder. If it is coil for that cylinder, that’s easy enough to replace. If it is a burned valve for that cylinder not sealing, that could be quite expensive to fix. I’d require a very steep discount to even consider this purchase myself. If your objective is to purchase a car and use it to get where you’re going in a reliable manner, bother free beyond routine maintenance, this probably isn’t the right car for you. Suggest if you decide to buy it anyway, before writing any checks have this car inspected by your own mechanic, it’s called a pre-purchase inspection and usually costs around $100 to $200.

Forget this Taurus. Too many “red flags” are flying in the wind.

Run away from this one

If it was easy and cheap to fix, the seller would have already done so, and he could ask for considerably more money

This seller wants to pass off his garbage onto the next guy

I’m in agreement with the others. The seller likely knows far more than they’re letting on.

If it was minor they would fix it. It’s also quite common for someone to receive bad news about a car problem and then put the car up for sale while playing dumb about the cause of the problem.

I wonder if this is one of those Craigslist specials…

I agree it sounds like a car to avoid, but if you want to pursue it, or any other used cars, spend the probably 65 to 100 bucks and get it inspected by a qualified mechanic. They can point out upcoming repairs, brakes tires, fluids, and also issues such as ball joints tie rods, and why the engine is having troubles.

Sounds like another person using Craigslist instead of actually leaving the house to look at the thousands of used vehicles ,