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2004 Ford Ranger - Mistake?

I just bought a 2004 Ranger with a manual transmission. Have I made a mistake?

That would take a crystal ball to answer.
I had a Ranger, it was a great truck. But yours is going on 15 years old. So who knows.

Why would you ask that? What leads you to believe you made a mistake?

Yes you made a BIG mistake.

For breakfast you should have ordered your eggs scrambled instead of over easy, and whole wheat toast instead of white. Plus lay off the caffeine, try decaf for a while. (sarcasm in case you do not get it)

Buying the Ranger might be a great purchase, why do you think you made a mistake? If the Ranger was a good price and is in good condition you made a good choice. If you need a pick up, even better. If you did not have a mechanic go over it before you bought it then you have risked a big mistake. The Ranger could be junk or in good shape, no telling with out a knowledgeable person looking it over.

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Time will tell, I had an 03 and was happy with it,sold it, but it is now you have a 15 year old vehicle, stuff happens on 15 year old vehicles.

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Folks here w/Rangers seem to like them from what I can tell. There’s an occasional difficult to diagnose problem that gets posted here on Rangers, but that’s like any other vehicle. I seem to recall the EGR function can yield difficult to diagnose issues. But no need to guess. Click the icon that looks like a magnifying glass, upper right, and use the forum search feature to see what other posters have said about Rangers. The manual transmission configuration will likely prove more robust and reliable than an automatic version. I expect as long as you keep up the routine maintenance on schedule as spec’d in the owner’s manual you are good to go.

There’s a website you can type in your vin and get the recalls in effect for that vehicle, so if you can find that website, that’s worth ago. Fromwhat I see besides the air bags (which seem to plague all vehicles), a squeaking clutch slave cylinder, and the multi-function switch, not many issues.

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I’d rather have a 2004 Ford Ranger, versus a 2004 Chevy Colorado, for what it’s worth it

Neither is terribly innovative or luxurious, but in my opinion the Ranger is slightly more reliable, and also slightly better built

I’m just mentioning those 2 particular examples, because we have both in our fleet


Thanks for the input, all of you. Much appreciated. I have a soft spot for Rangers. I like a “basic,” functional things. My watch is a $50 Timex and my Jeans are 501s, for example.

In that case, it sounds like you made a good choice

What engine?

trim level?

regular cab, short bed?

vinyl seats, manual windows and locks?

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These are good trucks, dad came close to buying one new back in 2003 or so but fell in love with a combination that was hard to find compared to an ordinary xlt trim(wanted a chrome yellow edge trim with certain options) but couldn’t talk himself into driving one daily. I’d consider having one for the home Depot run and other errands.

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The 501s are ok, but I have never spent as much as $50 for a watch.

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Why would I need a watch, my flip phone has a clock .

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I have spent more. But I collect and repair old pocket and wrist watches.

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Oh, an aristocrat, eh?
Pricey Timex…I think my last one was sub $20. Lost it hiking and never replaced it…

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As long as the subject has changed. I have a watch with a solar cell that charges the battery, displays both analog and digital time, and performs automatic updates including DST TO ST and leap year corrections. The downside? If I touch any of the function buttons I have to have a mfg. rep talk me through the steps to get back to normal display…arg.


As I remember from my Ranger, there was a flip down armrest between the driver and passenger, and anything on the front seat would disappear through the space under the armrest. We called it the Black Hole. The truck had no place to put small stuff in the cab, and everything disappeared sooner or later.

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My watch is a $30 analog Timex and my jeans are $10 Rustlers. I wore 501s in high school when they were $4.25. I know a guy who drives a 1992 Ford Ranger with manual transmission. Over 300,000 miles and he has no complaints! I doubt if you made a mistake.

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Engine is the 3.0 L, XLT, extended cab, 6’ bed, cloth seats, power windows and locks, Manual 5-speed w/cruise control.

Yep! Happening already.

Well, if I wanted to tape my phone to my wrist…